Introducing: Project Management & Development Tracking

  • Code Worx is happy to introduce our Project Management and Development Tracking System.

Project Management Made Easy

Our Project Management platform allow you to take control of your project in the comfort of your home, office or coffee shop. You can track the status of all your projects in real-time and collaborate with any assigned member from Code Worx.

We have learned that collaboration and project management is an essential component of Digital success. Our Project Management Platform was designed to enable our clients the ability to take control of their projects and collaborate with our team members in real-time.

Please see below a full list of features:

Task Management – We can now create tasks and assign due dates to specific users. As tasks are completed they are updated and reviewed by our Project Managers. The status then changes to show the total percentage completed of the project and what the outstanding tasks are.

Milestone Management - We can create various Milestones and assign Monetary values to them and ensure projects run on-time and on-budget.

User Management – We can add as many users to your project as required. This comes in handy for large projects with multiple tasks that need to be overseen by various people in your organization.

Time-sheets – This comes in handy for Hourly based projects and you can see which Team Member worked on which task and at what times.

File Management – You are able to upload documents related to your project and our members can view and interact with them.

Discussions – You can discuss any aspect of the project with assigned users and a date and time stamp is added.

Activity feed – This shows everything that happens and is automatically updated with a date and time stamp and make sit easy for reference.

Support Tickets – You are able to open Support tickets and track the status of each ticket and its response. This is also helpful for after sales engagement.

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